Thursday, July 29, 2010

:: unraveled~ a toilet paper experience ::

I got this idea from a Bev Bos workshop.

I stuffed three rolls of toilet paper (the fourth had somehow escaped on the way from the house) onto a shower rod that I tied to the canopy shading our deck and got the roll started.

Check out the hand/eye coordination needed for this catch:

I think he's trying to shake it off his foot in this one:

He got it off and observes the puddle of paper:

I love the surprised face as the wind keeps blowing it around (forces of nature):

It feels pretty good (sensory):

I thought he would have unraveled all the paper, but he stopped after this. Perhaps it was just the time of day. We just came back from two hours of running around. I'll try again tomorrow and see what he does.

The end !


  1. What a fun toddler activity! I've done this project with older kids where they get to figure out various ways to unroll the paper, but I'd never thought of how wonderful it would be for younger kids!

  2. When I saw Bev Bos's presentation on this, both children and adults were involved and I swear the adults had more fun than the kids!


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