Wednesday, March 14, 2012

slicing watermelon

*another blog post from last summer that I had not posted

J was getting a little antsy so I offered him a few large slices of watermelon and a butter knife.

When he held the knife upside down, I ran his finger lightly over the serrated edge showing him this was the sharp, cutting part of the knife.

He understood then:
 And he was content as could be!

caution tape

I found this blog post that I had left in draft form forever! 

Following my child's interest in construction, my husband brought home some caution tape from work. J immediately went to work. 

He started by unrolling the tape and making patterns on the ground:
Next he wrapped his kitchen table and chairs, followed by wrapping a "floating" wall in the kitchen. 
While he was wrapping he said:

Later I found the caution tape trail ended in the master bathroom, lol. I've left this up for several days and don't have the heart to take it down yet! 

The end! 

mixed media structure

It has been a long time since I've posted in this blog. We've been really busy as J has a new brother who is is now four months old, and I work full time. I also find it really hard to always have a camera at hand at home AND I don't really want to live all of our lives online. 

But here is a little photo documentation of one of J's structures, made of blocks and straws with a road, and what looks like pieces of Nutter Butters!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

the construction site

My child has been interested in tools, heavy machines (here and here) and construction for a long time. It must run in the genes because my husband was in the body and fender trade for 20 years before he became an iron worker.

Anytime we come across construction it's a given that we stop to check out what's going on and what machines and tools are being used.

Today at the park we say a cement truck pouring some concrete. We watched the operator set up the chute from three different parts. We listened as the truck beeped as it backed up trying to get into position.
What you can't see are some orange cones and men with shovels and leveling tools. We talked about those and when daddy came home from work he pulled out the cones for J to make his own construction site.
Nearby is a pile of fine grained gravel (because who doesn't have a pile of that nearby? Ah, the joys of having a 'handy' husband).
J used his gardening shovel and rake to move some gravel around the cones of the construction site.
I love the dramatic play component of learning, don't you?

The end!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

J's dramatic play area

With a few new purchases from the Goodwill, I'm happy enough with J's dramatic play area to share some photos with you. His "kitchenette" is located in a little space in between the dining room and living room. 

My parents were kind enough to purchase this marvelous kitchen play set for J when he was about a year and a half (its nicer than my real kitchen, that's for sure):
It came with small plastic plates and cups and stainless steel utensils. Over time I've added stainless steel pitchers and pots from rummage sales, measuring spoons and cups, a small scale and even a tiny plastic potted plant I found at the dollar store. In the cupboards are an empty box of Annie's noodles and an empty container of that nasty processed Parmesan cheese my husband and child adore so much. Shrug. Currently J is sauteing a cluster of googley eyes. 

Counterclockwise from the kitchenette against the sofa is his table and chair set, a gift from his Titi (Aunt Katie). 
J likes to actually eat snack or dinner a this table from time to time, and I let him depending on how messy it is. He would love for his father and I to join him but alas, we don't fit! I like to let J play with things like the  pom poms or large dried noodles or other objects that 'pour' instead of plastic food.  I even add a little water to his teapot because it's only a couple ounces and it's easy to clean up if it spills. 

On the opposite wall from the kitchenette is one of J's shelves of toys. 

My husband (a union iron-worker) looks at me funny when I bring home things like the baby doll, stroller, and cradle but I remind him that J needs to practice being a good dad, too. (P.S. the iron has the cord cut off- J is obsessed with electrical outlets).

Well, J and I hope you enjoyed the tour! 

The end. 

Sunday, July 10, 2011

planting a flag garden

My mom ordered dozens of these American flags from Oriental Trading Company for the Fourth of July celebration at their lake house. J got a hold of some and decided to plant them in the raised garden bed.

Happy 4th everyone! 

Monday, July 4, 2011

Sorting flowers

I bought this egg holder at a garage sale and thought we'd use it as a sorting tray. So I gathered up different flowers and offered them to J on a plate along with the tray.

He got busy and we talked about the different colors and textures of the flowers as we went.
The end!

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