Monday, July 26, 2010

:: sensory play: rice ::

Similar to my post about refilling the bird feeder, I let my little guy play with rice. Children learn about the world through their senses, so I try to provide as many sensory experiences for them as possible. My preschool children love when their sand table has rice in it as well. It just pours so well, and it is great for digging little hands into.

Here is lil man in his typical set up:

Tipping a little over (or creating chaos out of order)(physics: gravity):

Digging hands in (you can tell it feels good by the little smile):

Experimenting to see if he can fit inside the bowl (he couldn't which angered him)(social/emotional)

The end!


  1. I did this with Maggie this morning, and it was so much fun! However, in the future, I will set this up OUTSIDE, and not on our living room carpet. Heh.

    Maggs also ate about 10 handfuls of the rice. Eek. Her diapers might get interesting!

    I think I'm going to do this again w/ flour and Jello!

  2. HA! Yes, I'd set it up outside for sure, preferably in the grass. Flour is way cool and SUPER SUPER messy (slippery too if you get it on the kitchen floor). When she is done you can make play-dough out if it.


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