Thursday, July 29, 2010

:: the biggest shaker of them all ::

Daddy doesn't know we did this yet. We bring these water cooler jugs back for refills. But it was sitting, empty, in the corner and lil' man cruised by and picked it up

I thought, why not make that into a shaker? I added all sorts of 'shakey' things like buttons and bolts and taped it securely shut, due to the choking hazards. Then I left it on the carpet for J to find.

Here is a little video recording the way it sounds:

I am pleased with the noise it makes when you pick it up and shake it, but It doesn't sound  as good if you roll it across the floor. I wonder if I could make a rain stick out of this....

The end!


  1. Deborah, I think I will have to experiment to see if I can add nails to this bad boy to make it a real rain jug!


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