Tuesday, July 27, 2010

:: old wallet and gift cards ::

Oh, how intriguing this wallet is to my child!

When he could pull himself up he would dig through my purse, pull it out and take out whatever he could get to (yikes!). After upgrading to something a little more attractive, I decided to let him have it. Inside I put old gift cards and a few infrequently used reward cards and let him have at it.

I set it out, closed, on the carpet in invitation, and he runs right over to it and unsnaps the flap:

has a seat and begins to pull out a card:

when he gets one, he takes off again:

He will come back later for another one. It keeps him occupied for a few minutes and works those fine motor skills.

The end!


  1. Funny - I was *just* thinking today of doing this! Maggie is endlessly fascinated with my wallet. My problem will be coming up with old or unnecessary cards to put in the wallet.

  2. Lucy, do you get American Express junk mail? They send me a lot of plastic cards, so if you do you can just save those!


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