Sunday, February 20, 2011

pennies in a bunny bank

I love these Montessori type activities because they work on fine motor and build concentration. Initially I had 10 pennies on the tray. But he burned through them and banked about 15 more.

Please note, pennies,as with all small objects, are choking hazards. I have worked long and hard with J about what kinds of things he can taste and what kinds of things he cannot put in his mouth. If he doesn't know he will look to me for guidance. Still, whenever J works with small objects such as these I keep careful watch over him and the objects he is using.The end!

J experiences snow indoors

It was too cold to go outside and play so I brought some snow indoors in a tray.
He dug his hands in and said, "cold".

I happened to have a paint roller nearby so he picked it up and began to explore:

He wanted a place to roll it, so I offered him a towel:
The activity ended with a little taste:
The end!
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