Saturday, November 6, 2010

the mini mechanic

My child is never happier than he is when he is helping his Dada in the garage. My husband was in the body and fender trade for over 15 years before he switched professions and his mechanical skills have helped us on many occasions. It seems my child has that interest and knack for mechanics too. 

Here he is getting a close look underbody of the car as his dad installs a new transmission (I'm not going to lie, this terrifies me): 

His daddy lets him use all kinds of tools (he prefers the unsafe ones of course) Here he is fixing the bumper with a mini screw driver:

Sticking tools into the hub caps: 

Enjoying the mancave:

We then transferred our knew automotive knowledge to our dramatic play by jacking up his car and fixing it, too:

He and Daddy checked out the underbody (Joey wanted to see it from a different perspective):

The end!

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