Sunday, November 21, 2010

cooking, or "kooky" with J

Little man has been so curious about what I'm doing in the kitchen lately. He knows when I am cooking (he says I'm "kooky") and wants to be lifted up so he can see. This morning while I was making breakfast (whole wheat waffles topped with peach puree, yum!), I gave him a bowl of flour and a spoon and instructed my husband to supervise.  My husband is more of the old school sort, so these kinds of activities blow his mind.

At first J wanted to walk around with the bowl, but after a little convincing (and a little crying) he was satisfied sitting on the floor. J immediately started to spoon flour onto the floor so I gave him another bowl for him to fill (children do so love the idea of transferring things). 

To spice things up (ha!), I handed him a small jar of oregano.  I think there is nothing more irresistible to children than the mysteries of mom's spice rack. In no time at all that little jar was empty so I just refilled it with the flour/oregano mixture from his bowl.

I would say J was pretty content with his first experience with "kooky"

The end!

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