Wednesday, March 14, 2012

slicing watermelon

*another blog post from last summer that I had not posted

J was getting a little antsy so I offered him a few large slices of watermelon and a butter knife.

When he held the knife upside down, I ran his finger lightly over the serrated edge showing him this was the sharp, cutting part of the knife.

He understood then:
 And he was content as could be!

caution tape

I found this blog post that I had left in draft form forever! 

Following my child's interest in construction, my husband brought home some caution tape from work. J immediately went to work. 

He started by unrolling the tape and making patterns on the ground:
Next he wrapped his kitchen table and chairs, followed by wrapping a "floating" wall in the kitchen. 
While he was wrapping he said:

Later I found the caution tape trail ended in the master bathroom, lol. I've left this up for several days and don't have the heart to take it down yet! 

The end! 

mixed media structure

It has been a long time since I've posted in this blog. We've been really busy as J has a new brother who is is now four months old, and I work full time. I also find it really hard to always have a camera at hand at home AND I don't really want to live all of our lives online. 

But here is a little photo documentation of one of J's structures, made of blocks and straws with a road, and what looks like pieces of Nutter Butters!

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