Monday, August 2, 2010

:: mirror and pine cone provocation and a reflection ::

Mirrors are great. I think we take them for granted not knowing how educational the concept of reflection can be!

Knowing this, I placed my bedroom mirror by the fireplace. He has seen this mirror before, but sometimes an object takes on a whole new light in a different context. In this instance it is now laying horizontal instead of vertical and it is in a new room. I also lined some pine cones up in front.

Here comes little man, fresh from his nap. Intrigued, he runs over to see what is new:

He squats down and looks around:

He spots me in the mirror and turns to look at me:

He experiments with his reflection, delighted by his hand for a moment before he moves on:

Reflecting on this activity, I wish I hadn't put the pine cones in front of the mirror. I should have let the mirror stand alone, and add objects in front later.

In dialogue: where  would you go from here?

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