Thursday, August 12, 2010

:: checking out the bob cat ::

While staying at my parent's lake home my dad noticed a huge sink hole in the ground. Apparently the ancient septic tank collapsed. This is a huge problem in itself, but to make matters worse, the only way to get the septic tank up the steep hill was to winch it up with a tow truck.

Lil man, my sister, and I took notice from inside I opened the screen so we could get an unobstructed view: 

J loved watching the the bucket and arm of the bob cat dig and swing back and forth. The old septic tank was the size of a barrel. The new one was humongo:

I love all the men standing around outside the huge hole watching:

He lost interest after they started burying it. Then he went down for his nap and I left to do errands. I didn't get to see them fill the hole back up and winch the machine back down. Too bad!

The end! 

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