Saturday, August 27, 2011

the construction site

My child has been interested in tools, heavy machines (here and here) and construction for a long time. It must run in the genes because my husband was in the body and fender trade for 20 years before he became an iron worker.

Anytime we come across construction it's a given that we stop to check out what's going on and what machines and tools are being used.

Today at the park we say a cement truck pouring some concrete. We watched the operator set up the chute from three different parts. We listened as the truck beeped as it backed up trying to get into position.
What you can't see are some orange cones and men with shovels and leveling tools. We talked about those and when daddy came home from work he pulled out the cones for J to make his own construction site.
Nearby is a pile of fine grained gravel (because who doesn't have a pile of that nearby? Ah, the joys of having a 'handy' husband).
J used his gardening shovel and rake to move some gravel around the cones of the construction site.
I love the dramatic play component of learning, don't you?

The end!

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