Thursday, July 22, 2010

:: refilling the birdfeeder ::

My lil man loves birdseed. A while ago I let him put his hand in the birdseed container and he cried when I put it away. Today I decided to set up an experience where he could help me refill the feeder. 

First, I set a tin full of birdseed into the baby pool (nature). It drew him in immediately.

He really dug his hands in (sensory): 

Then he decided to dump the seeds out (hence the baby pool)

After we made the mess, on to the business of filling the feeder (but first we must manipulate all the moving parts of the feeder) (motor)

He helped me put seeds in, and out, and in, and out, and in and out (opposites & fine motor). 

He took a close look, just to be sure...(observation)

J then helped me clean up the ones that got away (responsibility):

But then decided it should go back on the deck (independence):

The end!


  1. Wyatt would love to do this too! He love just pouring and dumping and feeling small items.


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