Sunday, April 3, 2011

making noodles

J loves to eat noodles and watches intently when I am cooking them. A small empty pasta box inspired me to create a dramatic play activity for J's kitchen. 

I filled the box with dried pasta and put it in J's pantry. It was a perfect fit. I told J there was a surprise in his cabinet and to go and see. He squealed when he saw the pasta box! He said, "Noodles!". 
I reviewed the process of cooking noodles with J step by step. First we put the noodles in the pot to boil. J said "Cook."
He spontaneously took a spoon out to stir:
Then I reminded him to strain the noodles in the sink(this photo didn't turn out for some reason). Next we put the noodles on the plate and pretend to eat:

After we cleaned up our kitchen and put the noodles back into the box and on the shelf:
J really enjoyed this activity and has cooked noodles a couple more times since! 

The end! 
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