Sunday, March 20, 2011

window painting

I recently set up our basement for messy play. We (well, my husband) repainted it from the Pepto Bismol color it was to something more contemporary and tiled half the floor for easy clean up. But I have yet to utilize this space because the light on our main floor is so brilliant and inviting, especially coming from our sliding glass door. I finally gave in and bought some BioColor paint for some window painting. 

Now, J is wearing a smock in this photo because he asked for one. I don't like most smocks because I think they are so bulky. But we had this old bib (that he never used to want to wear) so I put it on him and let him paint away. 

As he painted he talked about the colors he was using and named them. 

I've never painted on windows before but I highly recommend it. The BioColor washed off like a charm! 

The end!

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