Friday, March 18, 2011

straws in a the tub!

Bath time is always a struggle. J likes the bath once he gets in, but getting him in there can be an ordeal. Today I enticed him with a container and straws. We do a lot of Montessori-inspired transferring activities, but have yet to try them in the tub. 

At first J struggled with the empty bottle because of it's buoyancy (it tended to flip over) and wanted to stand up. Not wanting him to slip,  I opened the cap and filled it with water so it was more stable. I gave J about 30 straws and he patiently put them in one by one, but he could have easily done more.

It seems he wanted to challenge himself so he tried to do a couple at a time, and he did struggle:

Good for you little man!

The end!

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