Sunday, October 24, 2010

beans and funnels

I set two containers on J's high chair/work station. One contained dried garbanzo beans and the other contained a funnel. Garbanzo beans (like anything you put in your mouth) could be considered choking hazards. I made sure he knew they were not for eating (or tasting) and obviously supervised throughout. 

This activity would have worked without the funnel, too, but I felt it would be enticing. I was going to use one of my husbands empty sports drink bottles which had a thinner opening at the top but it was a little wet inside from washing so I used a mayo container instead.

After J dug his hands in the beans to get that initial sensory experience I showed him he could drop the beans into the funnel:

He quickly got down to business:

He had to stand up and lift off the funnel to get a really good look at what was happening (the beans were coming out of the bottom of the funnel and into the container). 

Until finally with a squeal of delight he picked up the containers and threw them onto the floor. Ah, children. So predictable. He then got down and helped me put them all back in. Then tossed them back out. Then helped me put them back in again, etc. etc.

The end! 

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