Sunday, September 12, 2010

play-dough (with a poking tool)

Today j walked up to his art table (high chair) and demanded "UP!", an indication he wanted his play-dough. I didn't have any as we brought it outside the previous day and he ended up tossing it into his "boom" area.

He insisted, so I made him a fresh batch really quick, but this time I gave him a chop stick and showed him how to poke holes into the dough.

He took a close look at his work:

He thought about mouthing a piece, but remembered not to (a HUGE milestone!)

 When he was finished (close to 15 minutes later...another HUGE milestone), he offered his dough to daddy:

When Daddy din't take it right away, he intentionally dropped it on the floor and said, "uh oh" (note the appropriate look of concern, lol):

The end!

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